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Some simple maintenance tips for your commercial refrigeration units

by Jennifer Jones

Commercial refrigeration is vital to any business dealing with food or other perishables. It is therefore important that you keep your refrigeration units in good repair to avoid breakdowns. Here is a quick guide on how to keep your kitchen refrigerators in good condition.


Firstly, make sure your refrigerators are regularly cleaned. This is important for good hygiene. As well as normal cleaning, you should deep clean your appliances several times a year. This will help you to find and eliminate any mould growth in the appliances. You will also be able to inspect the units for damage or other problems.

Condenser coils

Make sure the coils are cleaned regularly. They can easily attract dust which will stop them from working efficiently. The coils remove the heat from the refrigeration unit and dissipate it into the air outside. If they are not working properly, the refrigerator will need more power to keep cold, and may not reach the desired temperature at all. It is therefore important to keep them clean.

Check the seals

Check the seals around the door for any tears or cracks. Gaps in the seals will allow warm air to enter the refrigerator, which will reduce its efficiency. If you find any problems, get them repaired at once. Otherwise, you should then clean the seals with warm soapy water. Small pieces of food or dirt can get into them, which can stop them from working properly.

Check the temperature

Next, make sure the temperature in the refrigerator is set correctly. You will find the correct levels in the manual. If it is set too high, the food can become spoilt. Setting it too low on the other hand can partially freeze the food and overwork the refrigerator, which will then have to be defrosted. Setting the temperature correctly will prevent waste and save energy.

Clean the drain lines

Finally, don't forget to clean the drain lines in your kitchen refrigerators. Clogged lines will stop the equipment from working properly. You may want to get a professional maintenance service to do this job, although it is something you can also do yourself.

Any restaurant or food supply business relies upon its refrigerators, so make sure you buy good quality equipment that you can rely on. Your supplier will give you further advice on how to look after them, ensuring that your business runs as smoothly as possible with no breakdowns. For more information on commercial kitchen equipment, contact a supplier near you.