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3 Benefits of Buying a Tow Truck Winch With a Synthetic Cable

by Jennifer Jones

When you start to look at tow truck winches, you'll see that some products have metal cables while others have synthetic cables. Don't assume that metal cabling is the best option here. A winch with a synthetic cable could be a better choice for your tow truck.

What are the benefits of using a winch with a synthetic cable?

1. Strength

The synthetics used in winch cables are very strong. They can hold their own in comparison to metal products. As long as you buy a winch that can handle your towing loads, its synthetic cable will be up to the job.

Plus, some synthetic cables are actually stronger than metal ones on a size-for-size basis. This means that you can often buy narrower cables. If you can buy a winch with a smaller diameter cable, then you should be able to increase your towing distance. You'll be able to get more cable on your winch spool if it has less bulk.

Synthetic cables also usually have a protective coating to increase their strength. They won't rust like metal if they are exposed to water or wet weather. So, you can safely use a synthetic cable to tow vehicles out of water. The cable won't absorb any water, and the water won't cause any long-term damage.

Plus, synthetic cables won't fray as easily as metal cables and they won't kink. If a metal cable kinks, then it won't run in and out of the winch smoothly. It will also ultimately break if some of its strands are bent out of shape. You won't have these problems with synthetic cables. They stay strong and intact for longer.

2. Safety

If a metal winch cable breaks, then it can be dangerous. Metal tends to break suddenly and without warning. The break stress is violent because the metal stores energy as it works.

So, the broken ends of the cable might whip around when the energy is released if the cable breaks. They will hurt anyone they hit. They might also damage the winch and your truck.

Synthetic cables don't store energy in the same way. If these cables break, then their ends typically fall straight down. They are safer and less damaging.

3. Weight

Metal cables add to the overall weight of your winch. If you need a longer cable, then its extra weight puts stress on your tow truck, especially if you have to tow a vehicle that is stuck in rough terrain.

Synthetic cables are a lot lighter. They won't affect the weight of a winch as much. They also create less stress even in difficult rescue jobs.

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