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Three reasons to try pre-cut steel posts

by Jennifer Jones

When working in construction, time is always short, yet you can't afford to cut corners, as completing a substandard job would have serious consequences, not just for the client, but also for your reputation. One important area of a building project is the installation of the posts. Whether installing fencing or any part of a building, you might consider using traditional wooden posts. Wooden posts have been popular for many years because they are comparatively cheap and can be worked with basic tools, but there can be problems with that approach. Wooden posts can be attacked by termites, and they can also quickly rot if the ground is too wet. As an alternative, pre-cut steel posts are growing in popularity. Here are three reasons you should consider using them.

Spend less time on site

The more time spent working on a building site, the higher the construction costs will be. When working with wooden posts, you would need to place them into the ground before cutting them to the desired length. One of the reasons that timber posts have retained their popularity is the difficulty in cutting other materials without specialist equipment. If, however, you use pre-cut steel posts, the problem is completely avoided. The posts will arrive on your site ready for use, and you only need to bury them in the ground and the job is done. Reducing on-site construction time not only saves money but also reduces your dependence on weather conditions and other factors that are outside the control of your company, helping you to finish the project within the agreed budget.

Use fewer resources

Using pre-cut steel posts doesn't just save time; they also require fewer people and less equipment. The busier your building site is, the higher the likelihood that something will go wrong. Stored materials can be misplaced, broken or used wrongly. People can misunderstand instructions or not get an important message quickly enough. By cutting down the number of tasks to be completed on-site, you can reduce the likelihood of an accident or mistake interrupting your project and putting everything behind schedule.  

Waste less material

Waste is an inevitable byproduct of any project, yet all wasted material has value. Every item must be purchased and included in your costs, even if you know that part of it will be wasted. A significant advantage of pre-cut steel posts is that all waste is eliminated. The posts reach your site and are immediately ready for use.