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Areas of Your HVAC System that Benefit from Sheet Metal Fabrication

by Jennifer Jones

Commercial HVAC systems will need several repairs and upgrades over time. This may be due to damage or simply the age of the system. When you face having repairs and upgrades, you may consider using services that are specific to your HVAC needs rather than general contracting options. Consider working with a sheet metal fabrication contractor on your HVAC system. Here are some areas of your system that can benefit from this type of fabrication. 

Duct Fabrication

When you are considering an upgrade to your commercial building, you may also be considering an expansion of your HVAC system. That expansion means you will need new ductwork. Since many duct plans do not follow a standard method but instead are often built to work with the current property. This means custom ductwork may be necessary. The length, width and even thickness of the duct system should be considered. A way to ensure that this custom work is done and fits your current HVAC unit is to use sheet metal fabrication. 

Coated HVAC Parts

There are some parts of your HVAC system you may want to be coated in some way. For example, you may want a powder coating placed on the outer portion of the panels to help reduce damage from construction or debris from manufacturing and processing elements. A sheet metal fabricator can help with this by considering the specifications you need and determining the best way to move forward with your plans. They can then create these parts so they are ready to be installed with no need for additional powder coating to be done on-site. 

HVAC Panels and Casings

You may be in a situation where your current HVAC system is in good operating condition. However, the issue is with the protection of the unit from the processing and manufacturing you have planned. If this is the case, a sheet metal fabrication contractor can create the panels you need or complete enclosures and casings that will help maintain the unit. You can have these casings and panels created to allow for easy access when you need to access the main HVAC unit for cleaning or repairs. 

These are just a few of the projects you can benefit from with sheet metal fabrication for your HVAC system. When you are ready to make adjustments and renovations to your HVAC, contact your sheet metal fabrication contractors. They can assess your current HVAC system and determine the best way to move forward with upgrades and renovations.