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Three Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Steel Pallet Cages

by Jennifer Jones

Pallet cages are perfect for managing clutter in warehouses or general commercial storage spaces. These units are made using steel mesh, so they can handle a lot of weight. Also, the cages can be stacked and even folded to maximise the use of available space. Additionally, they can be fitted with wheels to facilitate the transportation of goods within the warehouse. However, steel pallet cages are not infallible. Poor usage practices and lack of upkeep can cause a deterioration of the structures. Therefore, if you decide to invest in these cages for your business, consider these simple tips to keep them in good condition.

Clean the Cages

Clean your pallet cages regularly to prevent the build-up of grime and dirt. In general, these units are not prone to dirt accumulation because of their design and material. However, the industrial environment is not clean, so you will notice changes if the cages are neglected. Fortunately, the metal requires only light cleaning for complete restoration. Wipe the surfaces to eliminate dust, or wash the structures with a hose and allow time to dry. The cleaning process should be carried out more frequently if your industrial goods leave a lot of residues.

Check the Environment

You should evaluate the environment in which the steel pallet cages are stored. These cages are advantageous over wooden pallets because they are long-lasting. However, if they are placed in unfavourable surroundings, they could deteriorate fast. For instance, steel is vulnerable to high humidity and corrosive chemicals. If the metal is exposed to these harsh conditions, the cages will rust. You can prevent this problem by storing them in a dry and clean place, especially during long periods of disuse. Also, keep your cages away from potential causes of damage. For example, ensure that these items are not left on the paths used by industrial vehicles like forklifts.

Avoid Overloading

Steel pallet cages are strong, but they have a load-bearing limit like other structures. In simple terms, these units have a pre-established capacity rating. The specific limit will depend on the materials used, construction and size. If the indicated restrictions are exceeded, the cage will experience wear and tear over time. The steel cage could break due to structural deterioration. Therefore, you should check the capacity rating from the manufacturer, and do not exceed it when storing or transporting loads. Also, evaluate the shape of the goods placed into cages, and avoid forcing items that do not fit into the pallet units. 

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