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Understand Your Pole Banner: Technical Details Broken Down

by Jennifer Jones

Sprightly pole banners are at the heart of any successful marketing campaign. The banner will convey your message for several months when printed on a durable material and laid out appropriately on a pole. It works well for high-traffic areas such as busy highways and walkways, where many people will see them as they go about their business. However, the big question for any new marketers centres on how to make the most of a pole banner by making the right purchase decision. The following piece focuses on the technical details of pole banners to aid you in making an informed choice:

Determining Fabric Strength

When buying a pole banner, most people want strong material. There's nothing wrong with being in this category of customers! You only need to be cautious and ensure that you are looking at the right attributes for fabric strength. First, note that thread count is not equivalent to fabric strength. It is just a headcount of the threads for every square inch of the material. Additionally, the material's weight is not a measure of its strength. It describes the weight of each square inch of the fabric.

The accurate measure of strength is the scrim, which is the woven material lying at the heart of the fabric. The scrim delivers two things dimensional strength and stability. A strong scrim means that your fabric has excellent tensile and tear.

Determining the Cost

Costs will certainly come into play when buying and installing pole banners. The critical element here is to understand the elements responsible for determining the cost so that you can strike the desired balance, and the first one is the size of the pole banner. The bigger the banner, the more money it will cost you. You spend more on every extra inch of material and ink used to make the banner. Thick fabrics also absorb more ink, which can make them a little costlier. Your best option is to work with a reputable manufacturer who will help you balance size, ink requirements and fabric density without compromising the quality and cost of the banner.

Determining the Material

Choosing the right is critical for ensuring that you make the most of your banner. Picking between vinyl and fabric can be a little tricky for those who do not know the intrinsic qualities of both materials. Vinyl banners are the best option for outdoor applications if you lay them correctly and roll them well in transit. Fabric banners thrive in indoor applications and short-term events. They also need proper care when they are in transit.

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