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Compressed Air: Three Essential Tips for Using a Refrigeration Air Dryer

by Jennifer Jones

The presence of moisture in compressed air can compromise the performance of your equipment. In addition, the vapour in air will cause the gradual wear of the compressor and the pneumatic machines attached to it. Therefore, if you have this piece of equipment in your commercial operations, you should plan on installing a refrigeration air dryer. As implied, this machine works by cooling the air flowing in the air compressor.

When the air is cooled, the vapour will turn into condensed water. This water is then eliminated, allowing the compressor and pneumatic tools to operate more efficiently. The refrigerated air dryer is an ideal choice because it is inexpensive to purchase in comparison to alternatives. Also, the operational costs are low, and the maintenance demands are not high. Here are some tips to consider when using a refrigeration air dryer.

Consider Optimal Airflow

When purchasing your refrigerated air dryer, you should think about the amount of air which can flow efficiently through it. In general, it is important to acquire a dryer which can match the airflow of your air compressor. If the dryer is not capable of matching the volume of air flowing, there will be a significant drop in pressure in the compressor.

Therefore, your pneumatic equipment might not function optimally. In addition, the compressor and dryer will be under a lot of strain, leading to accelerated damage. For the best outcome, you should choose a dryer with an airflow capacity which is equal or higher than that of the compressor. Moreover, ensure that the maximum pressure is optimal.

Check Ambient Temperature

You should consider the ambient temperature of the room in which the air compressor and the refrigeration air dryer will be placed. Under normal circumstances, the dryer should operate in cool conditions. If the environment is too hot, the refrigeration system will experience a lot of stress during the cooling process. Consequently, the equipment might break down due to overheating. Therefore, choose a cool and clean room for compressor and dryer placement.

Plan for Condensate Drainage

A lot of moisture will be formed as the refrigeration dryer cools the compressed air. This condensate must be eliminated from the equipment immediately to avoid interfering with normal functions. In simple terms, if the water is retained, it could contribute to the corrosion of the equipment. Moreover, there might be a significant increase in relative humidity. Ideally, you should have a convenient drain hole or channel in the compressor room to facilitate direct removal of the water.

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