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3 Reasons Your Handyman Business Needs Scrapers

by Jennifer Jones

Having a handyman business means careful budget planning to ensure you have the right tools for the job, the budget for hiring equipment for larger jobs, and ensuring you make a profit. One of the steps you will take is making sure you invest in the tools that will help you with a variety of tasks. One set of tools to consider are scrapers. Before you overlook this as a need, consider the three reasons your handyman business needs them.

Concrete Flooring Maintenance

One of more common reasons you will need scrapers for your handyman business is for concrete maintenance issues. For example, you may receive a request to epoxy, seal, or refinish a concrete floor. This is usually done with a garage upgrade or with a change in a garage to a granny flat living environment. The scraper will help you remove debris from the concrete, smooth out rough spots, and let you feel for any dips in the concrete that may need to be leveled before you move onto the next step in your process.

Landscaping Projects

From time to time, you will likely be called on to do seasonal landscaping work. This work may require to level out an area of gravel or sand for gardening or pavement of some kind. There are various scrapers that can help with these tasks by helping you level out the gravel evenly, packing down sand, and leveling out gardening areas or patio areas where the dirt base is vital to the integrity and durability of the pavement being laid above it.

Paint Removal

As a handyman you may be called on to do some painting or renovating in a specific area of the home. This normally is not a difficult task, but if you are dealing with layers of paint on a concrete surface or paint over layers of wallpaper you may have a difficult time. This is due to the layers of glue or how the paint adheres to the concrete and seeps into it over time. The scrapers, in various styles and sizes, can help remove the paint chips easily and can be used to remove them from the floor and out of the workspace.

These are only three of the reasons your handyman business needs scrapers as part of your tool kit. If you think you are ready to purchase these tools, make sure you study the various options. Keep in mind industrial scrapers do vary in size, use, and special features that may benefit one job over another.