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Avoid the following two ways of overloading your skip bin

by Jennifer Jones

Are you planning on a thorough household clean-up exercise? Are you relocating to a new house or tackling a much anticipated renovation? By hiring a skip bin, you can take care of all the resulting waste. Skip bin hire guarantees you an effective way of disposing general rubbish, green waste, hard fill and even dangerous substances like asbestos. It's important to keep in mind that you cannot simply load the skip bin until it's overflowing. This is because you're likely to face penalties for overloading your bin. This article highlights two main ways through which people overload their skip bins and how to avoid them.

Filling the bin past the rim

One of the conditions related to skip bin hire is to load it up not past the rim. Filling the bin past the rim contravenes the terms and conditions of the skip bin hire company which attracts penalties on the part of the client. Moreover, overfilling the bin creates a lot of working hazards. The collected wastes may liter the environment or fall on people resulting in sustained injuries during transportation at the back of the truck. Once you've reached the rim and you still need additional loading space in the bin, this means that the size of the skip bin you've ordered may be wrong based on your rubbish disposal needs. If you're still left with remaining waste, simply hire another bin. Avoid loading, for instance 8 meters of waste into a 5 meter skip bin.

Overloading the weight of the bin

Each skip bin has a set weight limit which needs to be adhered to by clients.  To make sure that their trucks are able to transport the loads inside the skip bins, skip bin companies impose weight limits on different waste types. Generally, the weight limit is sufficient for majority of customers based on their rubbish disposal needs. If you put too much weight in the bin and exceed the stated weight limit, you will have to pay a stated fee for your troubles. Don't be overly happy that you've been quoted a discounted price, only to get a bill later stating that you exceeded the weight limit. Often, bin hire companies don't mind if you exceed the weight limits, provided that you pay up extra costs for the excess weight limit. Typically, skip bin hire companies have a dedicated page to bin hire weight restrictions, informing all prospective clients about all the respective bin hire weight limits.