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All-in-One Guide to Understanding the Various Kinds of Perspex

by Jennifer Jones

Perspex, commonly referred to as acrylic glass or acrylic, is a form of transparent thermoplastic manufactured and used as sheets. Some popular uses of Perspex include inking and coating or casting resins for cosmetic and decorative pieces. The material is also used by retail and wholesale vendors for product display. Ordinarily, acrylic actually has many advantages over ordinary glass. It is durable, shatter resistant and comes with some customised alternatives like resistance to ultra violet radiation. The following discussion evaluates the various kinds of Perspex you can find in the market.

Anti-Static Perspex Sheets

Electronic and charge-sensitive items are prone to latent damage emanating from electronic discharge of the items around them. Thankfully, you can stop worrying about such losses by using anti-static Perspex to cover or protect your items. Anti-static Perspex, also referred to as electrostatic dissipative Perspex, comes with a special coating that inhibits the formation of static electricity on the surface of the sheet. The sheet is made in such a way that it can stand up to the effects of humidity, unlike ordinary topical anti-static covers found in the market. This is the go-to option when you need to protect delicate electronics, glove boxes and other items.

UV Filtering Perspex Sheets

The sun gives off ultra violet radiation. UV radiation has a host of negative effects on things like paint, leather and even human skin. The good thing is that Perspex can be designed to filter out ultra violet radiation and protect the items underneath. UV filtering Perspex comes in handy in product display of materials such as leather, which can be damaged by the harmful rays. You can also use it in museum and historical sites to protect artwork and artefacts.

UV Transmitting Perspex Sheets

Unlike UV filtering Perspex sheets, UV transmitting Perspex sheets allow ultraviolet radiation to pass through them. They are used for applications where UV radiation needs to be tapped and used for beneficial purposes. A good example of such applications includes tanning beds for producing cosmetic tan and medicinal treatment.

Lucite Perspex Blocks

Lucite Perspex blocks are the in thing if you want your product signage and display to be on a whole new level. It is used to diffuse light and produce channel letters. Channel letters can be used alongside LED lights for a well-diffused and unique glow. Additionally, you can use them for indoor and outdoor applications regardless of the weather.