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The Perfect Checklist to Understanding and Using Electric Vibrating Motors

by Jennifer Jones

The ultimate goal of electric motors is to produce force needed to drive machines, move loads or carry out simple tasks like providing haptic feedback on mobile smartphones. Motors thus come in various shapes and sizes to match the particular purpose for which they are preserved. To add on that, emphasis on energy efficiency when using motor driven equipment has pushed manufacturers into developing many schemes for improving the motor efficiency. The following discussion gives you more insight on vibrating electric motors for better understanding:

What are some of the Popular Electric Motors Found in Motor-driven Machines?

The market has a variety of electric vibrating motors for you to choose from. An eccentric rotating mass vibration motor (ERM) is a common motor type in the market. It is also referred to as a pager motor. ERMs come as cylindrical, direct current motors capable of producing an eccentric mass that generates an unbalanced force. This makes them very versatile and capable of being used on many machines compared to other types of vibrating motors. You can also go for pancake motors, which use the same operating principles as ERMs. However, their small, circular bodies restrict their eccentric mass. They are ideal for light-duty applications and cases where you are short on space.

What's the Big deal about the Motor's Cable?

You must pay lots of attention to the motor's outlet cables, especially when carrying out routine replacement and maintenance of the motor. The cable must be able to handle the intensity of the vibrations produced by the motor, otherwise, it will break off easily when the machine is running. Make sure that the outlet cable is as flexible as the lead wire used in the motor. When it's time for a replacement, buy an outlet cable similar to the one used by the motor's manufacturer. Otherwise, you will be forced to deal with regular breakdowns that require you to open the motor and reconnect the cables all over again.

Why is Proper Maintenance Needed?

When working with equipment that relies on electric vibrating motors, you must note that motors don't have mechanical cooling instruments. They rely on the proper circulation of natural air around the machine to keep things going. This means that anything preventing good ventilation around the motor is detrimental to the health of the machine. Keep the motor's surface free from the build-up of dust and grime. Additionally, make sure that the motor bolts are firmly fastened every time you want to use the machine to keep it from shifting positions when running.