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The Heat Is On: The Advantages Of Choosing A Bespoke Barbecue Made By Steel Metal Fabricators

by Jennifer Jones

A good barbecue is as integral to Australian cuisine as pie floaters and dubious beer, and any Aussie cook worth their salt will possess one. However, if you're in the market for a new barbecue you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed by all of the various models on offer -- especially when none of them are exactly what you need.

There is, however, an alternative to endless nights trawling the internet for barbecue deals. Having a barbecue made to order by a metal fabrication firm is an increasingly popular option for the outdoor chef, and doing so grants a number of attractive advantages over picking a barbecue 'off the shelf'. Here are just some of the reasons to consider having your barbecue fabricated to order:

Infinite designs

If it's a barbecue and it's made of metal, a fabrication service can create it, and choosing a bespoke barbecue gives you an endless variety of different designs to choose from. Whether you desire a back-to-basics barrel barbecue or a high-tech gas-powered model equipped with all the features and mod cons you desire, sheet metal fabricators can create it. This is a particularly important quality for the aesthetically-conscious, allowing you to create a barbecue that fits in well with the overall design scheme of your garden or porch.

Gas or charcoal

Many prospective barbecue chefs find the perfect barbecue for them, only to be disappointed because it doesn't use the fuel source you desire. By having your barbecue custom-made, you can choose the fuel supply that is used to fuel your dream barbecue, whether you prefer the convenience and reliability of gas or the chargrilled flavour that only charcoal can provide.

Quality materials

Purchasing a mass-produced barbecue means purchasing an appliance that is designed to be as cheap as possible to manufacture, even if you choose a high-end model. As such, they can lack quality when it comes to the materials and metals used to create them, and many mass produced barbecues will quickly become rusty and unusable once their protective paint coatings are worn away.

By having your barbecue fabricated by a reputable metal fabrication firm, you ensure that the metals and other materials used to create your barbecue are of the highest quality, and will stand the test of time far better than the thin, fragile sheets of metal used to create most commercially-available barbecues. Many metal fabrication services will also offer to apply protective surface coatings, such as paint and powder coatings, that are far more durable than mass-produced variants.

Readily available replacement parts

Of course, even the extra durability provided by a bespoke barbecue will eventually be worn down by time and the elements, and finding replacement components (such as grills and range hoods) for mass-produced barbecue models can be challenging, especially if the barbecue is manufactured overseas. This is not a problem for bespoke barbecues, as the same metal fabrication service that created your barbecue can create replacement parts for it; they will also possess matching materials and measurements for your barbecue, ensuring that your replacement parts are the perfect fit.