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Benefits of Sheet Metal Fabrication Prototyping for Tiny Home Contractors

by Jennifer Jones

An increasing number of contractors are taking on tiny home construction as a side business. This side business can offer challenges that allow you, as a contractor, to create new options for tiny home buyers. You can work with the spaces and offer different storage options, building options and ways to make the small space more comfortable for long-term living. One way to offer these options is by taking your ideas and sending them to a sheet metal fabrication service that offers prototyping. Here are three benefits of using the prototyping services for your tiny home designs.

Design Functionality

The major benefit to using a sheet metal fabrication prototyping service is to find out how functional the design you have in mind actually is. For example, you may have a design for an under the loft storage bin that can hold a USB charging station for devices. The idea looks great on paper, but once it is fabricated and in place it may not work as well or it may cause a safety issue of some kind. Once the prototype is completed, you can put it to use and see how functional it is and if it is something you want to offer in just one or in all of your tiny home designs.

Pricing for Future Fabrication

One of the ideas behind people using prototyping for steel fabrication designs is to find out how much it will be to keep producing the design. If you have a design that you like and, after prototyping, you find it works well in your tiny home plans, then you may want to have it produced in larger quantities. When you have the first prototype completed, the company will generally offer you the option of pricing. The pricing will tell you how much it will cost to fabricate the sheet metal design per unit and if any discounts will apply to larger orders.

Possible Changes

An additional benefit to having your design put through sheet metal fabrication prototyping is to view the possible changes that can be made. For example, you may have a design that is strictly sheet metal fabrication. Once the prototype is done, the sheet metal fabrication company may tell you that you could use different metal fabrication options. They may also offer you different coatings as well as stamped designs on the item. This consultation lets you develop the design before you  begin ordering more of the prototype. It allows you to work with one item and one fixed cost rather than spending more money right away.

These are just three of the benefits to using a sheet metal fabrication prototyping service as a tiny home contractor. If you have some ideas you are ready to take in for prototyping services, contact your local sheet metal fabrication provider. Keep in mind, each fabrication service is different, so check with the one you have chosen to determine how they want the design sent.