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Why TPV Santoprene Is the Best Material for Door and Window Seals

by Jennifer Jones

If you're looking for a door and window seal material for a construction project, look no further than TPV Santoprene. Here are 3 reasons why it trumps the competition when it comes to building seals.

It's Weather Resistant

PVC may have long been a popular choice for door and window seals, but that doesn't mean it's the best choice. The biggest and most obvious drawback of PVC is that it struggles with weather resistance. Exposure to the outdoor elements takes its toll on PVC seals. Everything from adverse weather conditions to strong Australian sunlight can lead these seals to shrink and harden. Such shrinkage causes a whole host of problems, from condensation and drafts to significantly reduced safety, which can mean costly replacements later down the line. TPV Santoprene, on the other hand, is highly weather resistant (and, thus, resistant to shrinkage). It remains stable under a wide range of cold and hot temperatures and doesn't wear down quickly under UV rays, making it the ideal choice for doors and windows. 

It's Long Lasting

Seals of all kinds remain under constant compressive strain over their life span. So when you're deciding on your door and window seals, it's important to choose a material that withstand this pressure and deformation without losing its sealing force. Unlike common seal options like EPDM rubber, TPV Santoprene is 'fatigue resistant' when under pressure. This means it can stay sealed for a much longer period of time without cracking from the strain. Because TPV Santoprene is weather resistant, its ability to resist this compression also won't be affected by extreme highs and lows in temperature—a quality many seal materials can't boast.

It's More Affordable

Safety and durability are undoubtedly the most important factors to look at when choosing door and window seals. However, if you're going to be building or renovating a large structure, keeping costs down can be crucial. TPV Santoprene is one of the most cost-effective options for many reasons. Firstly, its resistant to harsh weather and strain fatigue means it doesn't need to be replaced as often as other materials. It's also cheaper because it's easy to process. While materials like thermoset rubber require complex manufacturing processes with multiple steps, TPV Santoprene has a short cycle with no need for compressing. On top of that, TPV Santoprene can also save you money on labour costs because it's simple and relatively quick to install.