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Choosing custom made boxes for your wine

by Jennifer Jones

The first job of your packaging is to protect your product and ensure it reaches the customer safely, but packaging also has a secondary job to actively encourage purchase through convenience or brand recognition.

Should you choose custom packaging?

In many cases a standard shape and size of box can be branded or used for your product but there are some occasions when custom made boxes are the best option. Custom packaging is especially useful when dealing with products such as wine which need careful protection before transportation. If you are looking for a company to create custom wine packaging you must be sure that they can provide the right custom made boxes before you commit to order from them.

Do they have the right solutions?

The packaging solution chosen for your product must promote brand awareness at every point whether your product will be displayed at point of sale, or whether you want your branding to visible during transit for e-commerce or supply chain. Look for a company that can create custom made boxes that can maintain your brand visibility. Find out what equipment they have. What printing and design capabilities do they possess? Can they create a truly custom design or are they merely offering an approximation of what you want? It is essential to keep your product at the front of the consumers mind and your packaging plays an important role in promoting your brand.

Will the custom packaging truly protect your product?

Branding is vital, but you can't afford to ignore the safety of your product. Wine is supplied in glass bottles and glass must be protected to ensure it reaches the customer unbroken. Innovative corrugated packing designs have proven to be an effective way of protecting glass wine bottles during transport. It is always a good idea to ask if you can see the packaging in action before committing to purchase. You need to assure yourself that the packaging you are being offered will be strong enough to get your product all the way to the final customer without damage.

Is the company a good fit?

A great working relationship is about more that the product. You must be confident that your chosen packaging company can deliver all the custom made boxes you need, and that they will be able to keep to agreed deadlines so that your product reaches the market on your schedule. Talk to their existing customers and find out what it is really like to work with the packaging company and only commit when you are fully satisfied they can deliver on their promises.