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Three ways to use water pressure pumps in a commercial setting

by Jennifer Jones

While water is one of the most commonly used materials on a commercial site, used for everything from cleaning surfaces to cutting through rock, it is surprisingly difficult to move around. For a start, water is a very dense liquid, so you do not need very much of it to quickly build weight. Secondly, water generally comes from either a mains supply or a tank on your work site, moving water from where it is stored to where you need it to be is challenging. The added complication to these challenges is that the slightest change in gradient can completely counter the pressure in the system, and ends up with you getting a dribble, at best, out of the other end.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to these challenges - water pressure pumps. Water pressure pumps use a motor to put additional pressure on the water, so that you can easily move it uphill or over long distances with minimum effect on the output at the other end. Water pressure pumps are therefore incredibly important in a commercial setting, whether you are working on a construction project or on an industrial site. Here are three ways you can apply them today.

Use water pressure pumps to build factories in the sky

Often, and especially in urban settings, we are limited by how much space we have to build outwards, so many commercial factories and manufacturing companies will look to build upwards to make the most of the space they have. However, if you need a consistent source of water at these higher stories (for example high tech manufacturing companies requiring water for cooling machinery) you might not want to take the risk. Water pressure pumps give you the freedom to move upwards. 

Turn rainwater into an effective water supply

Rainwater is often used in a commercial setting to create a cost effective solution. A good example of this is in agriculture, where a farmer may put high capacity water tanks in his fields to collect rainwater. However, the challenge is how can you then move this effectively across large areas of land so that you can put the water to good use? This is where water pressure pumps really come into their own, powering your water quickly across the property and into more formal water and plumbing systems.

Create sustainable water supply in your office block

If you have been having a lot of plumbing problems in a large office building, and have noticed that one kitchen on the same floor has a better water supply than another, it might be time to consider using water pressure pumps to even out supply for a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. Rather than bringing in an additional water supply, you can just use pumps to reallocate water throughout the floor; this saves time and money and is a more sustainable use of the water on the property. Contact companies like Team Poly for more information.