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Common uses for scissor lifts

by Jennifer Jones

Scissor lifts are hydraulically powered machines that move vertically to carry out specific jobs. If you require a piece of equipment that will reach heights of up to 18 metres, a scissor lift is the best alternative to a ladder. With its wide range of uses and ability to fit through narrow spaces, you are assured of the best value for your money whether you buy it or hire it. Furthermore, it produces zero emissions and has very little noise when being used, making it eco-friendly. Below is a list of some jobs where you can use scissor lifts:

Construction—given their height reach, they are excellent for installing windows, tiles, cladding and other numerous construction tasks that may be hard to carry with a ladder on low and midrise buildings. They help in saving time and money during construction and ensure the safety of your workers.

Interior Maintenance—scissors are quite useful when you have interior maintenance jobs in buildings with high ceilings such as factories, warehouses, auditoriums, retail spaces and atriums that can't be carried out by any other type of equipment. It makes tasks such as painting, changing bulbs, electrical and mechanical servicing and ceiling repair incredibly easy and straightforward. Their ability to carry to carry more than one person is also very advantageous for such jobs.

Exterior Maintenance— small building owners and businesses can hire or buy scissor lifts for a number of uses such as washing windows, painting walls, gutter installation/repair/cleaning, CCTV installation, roof repair and renewal and a host of other tasks.

Event Set-up—if you have an event in a theatre, a large venue or hall, scissor lifts are valuable for setting up and dismantling any type of equipment. Whether it's a stage, LED lights, speakers, signs, screens or banners, this piece of equipment will provide you with the efficiency and convenience you require.

Inspection— tasks such as building inspections, gas inspections, asbestos testing and other comprehensive jobs such as inventory inspection in large warehouses can be carried out with a scissor lift. In most cases, it is the only solution to accomplish these tasks with ease and safety.

Warehousing and Storage—ladders and forklifts have a limit when it comes to how high they can go especially when you have multiple shelves going above 10 metres off the ground. You can use a scissor lift to reach more upper shelves.

There are various types of scissor lifts that are suited for all these jobs. Asking for professional opinion might help you choose the right lift.