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Three Factors You Should Consider Before Selecting Stainless Steel Street Furniture

by Jennifer Jones

Street furniture can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as concrete, polyurethane, cast iron or stainless steel. Several factors must be considered when selecting any of those materials because not all of them will be suitable for every application. This article discusses the specific factors that you should consider before you select stainless steel street furniture. 

The Desired Aesthetic

Look closely at the space where you would like to install or use the street furniture that you want to buy. Stainless steel is suitable for a location that you would like to give a modern appeal. For example, this furniture can be placed outside a busy supermarket in order to give that space the neat, sophisticated look that stainless steel items bestow on their surroundings. This is in sharp contrast to using stainless steel in a public park where that material may appear misplaced in the natural surroundings there.

The Grade of the Material

Stainless steel is made in different grades. The street furniture that is made from these different grades is suitable for different applications. For example, street furniture that was made using grade 304 stainless steel is better used in urban settings where that furniture will not be exposed to sodium chlorides. Sodium chloride contaminants can cause this type of stainless steel to corrode rapidly. Conversely, street furniture that is made using grade 316 stainless steel can be used in any environment, including coastal areas. This is because this grade of stainless steel is resistant to corrosion caused by saltwater and sodium chlorides. It is therefore very important to select furniture that was made from a grade of stainless steel that can withstand the specific substances to which it will be exposed.

The Finish of the Furniture

Pay special attention to the surface finish of stainless steel street furniture. A rough surface finish creates crevices and pores that can trap contaminants. Those contaminants can then cause localised corrosion to occur. Furthermore, those trapped contaminants mar the appearance of the furniture and compel you to clean that furniture frequently in order to keep it looking attractive. You are better off selecting street furniture with a highly polished surface finish.

Talk to a street furniture supplier about your needs before you buy stainless steel street furniture. That expert will guide you about the different aspects, such as the best design, that will enable you to get the best service from the furniture that you buy.